Indisputable Scientific Evidence Confirms that Wolf Creek is Contaminated with Toxic Hydraulic Fracking Compounds!

An Environmental Nightmare Poses Public Health Threat!

Duke University confirmed that Wolf Creek is contaminated with Hydraulic Fracturing wastewater.  According to the federal EPA and USGS, hydraulic fracturing wastewater contains a mixture of hundreds of chemicals, many of which cause cancer, liver and kidney disease, and nervous system damage.  Eye witness testimonies and satellite images indicate that the sediments pits at an injection well site have been leaking directly into the headwaters of Wolf Creek since 2003.  Some believe that the fracking chemicals are coming from either the sediment pits, the injection well or both.  Many locals are concerned about the long term health effects of these toxic chemicals.  Some scientists are concerned that the ground water could be contaminated since the injection wells sit on old coal mines which could be full of toxic and radioactive fracking wastewater.

In addition to all the testing that was done prior to and submitted at the public hearing in June of 2013, additional testing was done 3 months after the hearing.  Some of the best scientists in the world were brought in to test the headwaters of Wolf Creek, since WVDEP refused to acknowledge the water contamination concern.

Click here to read Dr. Avnor Vengosh's (expert scientist from Duke University) findings and conclusion.

The federal EPA says that the TENORM radiation in fracking wastewater can be as high as 9000 pCi/l and that residents living within a 50 mile radius of this type of waste has a higher risk of cancer through air and water pollution. Some WV politicians profit by allowing other states to bring their toxic and radioactive fracking waste here, while innocent residents suffer the health consequences.  Click here to view federal EPA website regarding TENORM Radiation Exposure.

WV DEP has been fully aware of the Wolf Creek water and air contamination issue since 2007.  

Click on the 2 links below that demonstrate this fact:

Click here to view 2007 Wolfe Creek Water Test Results - shows fracking chemicals … certified mailed to WVDEP and GOVERNOR.

Click here to view 2009 water test results from Danny Webb Construction’s own water sample…  provided to WV DEP OOG.

Click on the links below to view a few of the Wolf Creek water test results that were submitted to WVDEP by concerned residents:

Click here to view 2013 Wolf Creek Sludge Test Results - shows Chloride at 1500 mg/kg

Click here to view the test results from the Oily Fracking SLUDGE along the banks of Wolf Creek.  It was only tested for a few things, and shows that it has a whopping Chloride level of 1500 mg/kg.  It also contains arsenic and radium.

The Wolf Creek test results from DUKE University and USGS should be available to the public once the review process has been completed.

Click here to read the statement from West Virginia's top cancer researcher, Dr. Michael Hendryx, who opposes the disposal of fracking/drilling waste in Lochgelly.

WVDEP issued the new injection well permit on a well that has basically reached it's capacity, so many residents are now wondering where Webb is going to put all that toxic fracking waste that is being hauled in on a daily basis. Click here to view the well Capacity document.

Scroll down to view photos and videos showing evidence of negligence and contamination:

Click here to view 2010 Inspection Report showing violation and pit liner requirement.   
Mr. Halverson, one of Webb's former employees, stated during the public hearing that the leaking pit liner was not replaced.  Instead a new pit liner was placed over the old leaking pit liner in 2010.  This solution allows the fracking chemicals to continue leaking into Wolf Creek. Scroll further down the page to see the new liner that was placed over the old leaking pit liner.

The photos below were taken in 2013. The arial photo below shows Danny Webb Construction's injection well and sediment pits in Lochgelly, WV. It also shows what is believed to be the fracking wastewater/sludge seeping out of the sediment pits and into the headwaters of Wolfe Creek. 

Distant photo below shows the sediment pits/ponds near top of photo and the bank where the frack wastewater is leaching out near the base of the pits into the adjacent stream, Wolf Creek.

The distant photo below zoomed in on red and black oily waste sludge that is leaking from the base of the sediment pit.  The pits are located up on hill to the left, not shown here.  Building and blue tanks in background.

The 2 photos below were taken in September of 2013, at least 3 months after the Public Hearing that was held in June of 2013.  While WVDEP continues to deny any leaking sediment pits, the photo below clearly show the new pit liner that was placed over the old leaking pit liner in 2010.  This solution allows the dangerous fracking chemicals to continue leaking directly into Wolf Creek.

Eye witness testimonies and Satellite Images confirm that the sediment pits have been leaking since 2003.

The photo below is a photo of the pit on the right side. It shows the black liner sagging - and it more importantly shows that the pit has been leaking for so many years that the earth has absorbed the fracking wastewater sludge, which is the key reason why the red oily sludge had been leaking through the hillside all these years.

The photos below were taken in February of 2013 and shows the reddish oily frack waste sludge leaching at the base of sediment pit.  Fence and sediment pits are located at top left of photo. Blue tanks and building on the top right.

The zoomed in distant photo below shows the reddish oily fracking wastewater sludge leaching from base of sediment pit.


Close up photo of the reddish oily fracking wastewater sludge further down stream.

Photo below shows the red colored stream that is the fracking waste water flowing from the sediment pits. 

Photo below shows reddish stream with fracking wastewater at bottom left and the Real natural looking stream on the right.  They meet up a tiny bit further down stream from the sediment pits to connect as one stream - Wolf Creek.

Shows actual connection of the reddish stream and Wolfe creek stream.  Wolfe Creek stream flows through Fayetteville and directly into the New River:

The photo below shows a distant view of the frack wastewater pond closest to the hillside.  The wastewater is said to overflow the ponds sometimes which runs down the bank and into the adjacent stream.  Look at the far right hand corner of the pond that shows the reddish oily fracking waste sludge.  Then look at the photo below it.

The photo below shows the same reddish oily fracking waste sludge floating in the creek which is coming from the nearby leaking sediment pits.  The stream runs along the public access road to the sediment ponds.

The photo below shows a larger area of Wolfe Creek (about a mile from the sediment pits and injection well) that has large areas of the reddish and silver oily pollution floating in it. A lot of local kids play and swim in Wolfe Creek every summer, even the tourist who visit the area.

The photo below shows a close up view of the silver and reddish oily fracking sludge located along the banks of Wolfe Creek. This pollution was traced directly back to the sediment pits containing fracking wastewater which is located on Danny Webb Construction's property in Lochgelly, WV.

Photo below shows pollution a few miles down Wolf Creek - at the entrance of Wolfe Creek Industrial Park located in Fayetteville WV.  Nearby neighbors claim that pets and many animals have died after drinking the creek water. 



The 2013 Videos Below show that the headwaters of Wolfe Creek is Contaminated with Fracking Wastewater Chemicals. Click to watch videos.

The video below was taken in May 2013, a couple of months after the fracking waste sludge was replaced with new fracking wastewater, just after Brad Keenan placed an emergency call to the NCR in March. Click to view.

The video below was taken in May of 2013 and shows Brad Keenan explaining that Wolfe Creek is contaminated with petroleum waste from natural gas drilling. Click to view.

The video below was taken in May 2013 and demonstrates that the Lochgelly frack dump is still not secured. Large tanker trucks hauling fracking wastewater from other areas come and go as they please to dump their toxic radioactive waste into the sediments pits which are leaking dangerous chemicals into Wolfe Creek. Click to view.


The two videos below were taken in February of 2013 and show the fracking wastewater sludge seeping out of the base of the sediment pits and into the adjacent stream/Wolfe Creek. Wolfe Creek is our backup water supply.

The video below was shown during the public hearing in 2007. The video clearly demonstrates the poor management of the Injection well site.

In 2007, Wolfe Creek, which was our only drinking water supply at that time, was tested by REIC laboratory. The test results showed that Wolfe Creek was contaminated with chemicals (DIESEL) directly related to the fracking wastewater. The test results and videos showing the pollution was submitted to WVDEP, Office of Oil and Gas and also submitted to Governor Manchin's office by Brad Keenan, but the WVDEP renewed Danny Webb Construction's injection well permit anyway - since it benefited the natural gas industry.