Help Stop the Poisoning!

Despite numerous violations, public outrage, and overwhelming scientific evidence that proved that Wolf Creek, which leads to the drinking water supply of area residents is extremely polluted with Toxic and Radioactive Frack/Drilling Waste, WV DEP issued Danny Webb Construction 2 injection well permits in September of 2015.

WV State Law enables County Commissions to enact ordinances to protect public health. Below are the Key Reasons to BAN the Storage and Disposal of Toxic and Radioactive FRACK Waste in Fayette County.

  • To put a stop to the TOXIC POLLUTION which poses a major threat to our health and our children's future!

    Fracking wastewater or processed water contains extremely high levels of toxic carcinogens and extremely high levels of  TENORM Radiation. Regarding radiation, the EPA writes, "Inhaled or ingested radium increases the risk of developing such diseases as lymphoma, bone cancer and diseases that affect the formation of blood, such as leukemia and aplastic anemia... External exposure to radium's gamma radiation increases the risk of cancer to varying degrees in all tissues and organs. TENORM Radiation can adversely affect anyone living within a 50 mile radius!"
  • To prevent a castastrophic gas explosion in Lochgelly due to careless disposal of toxic flamable wastewater at the site!

    Residents have complained for years about the odorous fumes coming from the injection well site. Hydrogen Sulfide, a poisonous and flammable gas was found to be the main cause. Click to read the NRDC attorney's letter regarding the history of the Lochgelly injection well violations that threaten our health.

  • To prevent a reduction in our property values!

    There are at least a dozen different websites and national news articles published within the last few years that mention the Lochgelly injection well and it's threat to human health and the environment. If there is enough public opposition to the renewal of Webb's UIC injection well permit, it is more likely to stop happening and prevent a negative effect on peoples health and property values.

  • To protect our Tourism Industry!

    The plateau area thrives on a booming tourism industry which relies on clean air and water.

Thus far, the following 5 organizations have joined together with local residents to Oppose the Renewal of Danny Webb Construction's injection well permit:

Natural Resouces Defence Council (NRDC), Plateau Action Network (PAN), West Virginia Highlands Conservancy (WVHC), Sierra Club West Virginia Chapter, and the West Virginia Surface Owner's Rights Organization.