Are Toxic Chemicals and Radiation in Your Drinking Water?

Concerned health professionals, cancer researchers and environmental groups all across the nation are fighting to protect clean water, a natural resource that we can't live without.

Poisoning of the drinking water supply with toxic chemicals is a state and federal crime, but in West Virginia, some state regulations are obviously NOT ENFORCED by the WV DEP. Many people believe that having more regulations won't do any good, since some politicians are heavily invested in the Gas/Fracking industry and WV has a long history of sacrificing public health for PROFIT.

WV passed Senate Bill 243, known as the Halliburton "Dirty-Secrets" Amendment in April 0f 2013. This state law protects the gas industry (instead of the people) by allowing Hydraulic Fracturing companies to keep secret the list of hundreds of chemicals used during the fracking process.  Oddly enough, the bill was introduced by the head of WV DEP, Randy Huffman.  Most people believe that this law was enacted because the public would not allow fracking (especially the disposal of frack waste) to take place in their state, if they knew what they might be exposed to.  How's that for protecting the public?

Concerned health professionals believe that this WV state law prevents people who have been exposed to toxic fracking chemicals, through air and water pollution, from receiving the proper diagnosis and medical treatment they need. Save lives by contacting your state legislators and demanding the repeal of Senate Bill 243 "Dirty-Secrets Amendment Law".

Former governor, Joe Manchin appointed Randy Huffman as the Chief of WV DEP in 2008. Stepanie Timmermeyer served previously.

Senator Joe Manchin nationally criticized the EPA's Hydraulic Fracturing Guidance. Click here to read article. Click here to read the EPA's guidance.

Are you okay with toxic cancer causing Fracking chemicals being stored or dumped in your community?  Click here to read the article about the "Dirty Secret" law (Senate Bill 243) which was passed by West Virginia in April of 2013.

Click here to learn more and to contact Chuck Wyrostok at the Sierra Club, West Virginia Chapter.


In March, Federal EPA regulators stepped in to revise a biennial report on impaired rivers and streams across West Virginia, after state officials -- citing a legislative mandate -- left more than 1,000 miles of polluted waterways off the list.

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Duke Univerity and Baylor University express concern to WV DEP regarding water quality standards and the WV 303D List. 
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Take a look at this list of recommendations send to Mr. Martin in 2010, to protect our streams from fracking wastewater. 
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